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THE ENERGYLAB STORY                                                                        


EnergyLab Sports started to look at and solve several of the problems and failures plaguing high performance wheels,  including price...

During the early days the company focused on its relationships with the people in the know, the bike stores' warranty managers, mechanics and owners. They explained all of the problems and customer pains, from carbon failures to cracked rims, broken spokes to failed bearings, braking problems to cracked hubs. From this long list of known and secret recalls problems EnergyLab started putting ideas to paper. A major goal on the list was reliability, which started a second list of Effective Engineering Designs. These were well known, proven, trusted and true engineering solutions.


Our hub system, called Force, is exceptionally responsive, fast and 95% rebuild-able for longevity and durability for years to come. The performance sport and race rims are called Velocity Control, VC for short.  Engineering leveraged current aerodynamic designs for superior performance, comfort and introduced effective manufacturing processes to keep the cost low.



EnergyLab’s team working with the University of Calgary designed the best of both worlds for beginners, seasoned riders and professionals alike.  Cyclists receive the best possible aerodynamics with control from side winds, resulting in increased performance and decreased strain on the rider.  The EnergyLab design maximizes aerodynamics while allowing air to flow more naturally over the wheels.  EnergyLab wheels offer a noticeably impressive ride for even the most demanding cyclists.  Our team also takes into consideration the tire itself for ride comfort and performance.  Attention to detail continues with bladed spokes and integrated nipples increasing the aerodynamics, strength, power and stiffness for an overall cyclist experience.



All of the designs and key parts have been carefully though out; carbon pattering, structural layup, hub design, spoke count, lacing and selection all play a significant role in the stiffness and performance of EnergyLab wheels.  The combination of all this attention to detail increases the lateral stiffness, greatly increasing the efficiency of the wheel.

 Efficient wheels roll smoother, ride safer and are simply more fun!



SAFETY with CONTROL - UCI Crash Testing

It is something you dont want to experience but its good to know that EnergyLab complete performance wheel line up meets and exceeds the UCI safety standards set out in Aigle, Switzerland. These are the same Performance and Safety standards mandated for grueling race like the Tour de France, Giro d-Italia and the Milan-San Remo in Italy.



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