VC60 (blemish)- "Control" - Carbon Race Wheel Set

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EL-60VC (Blemish)
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The VC60 wheel set is recommended for the rider looking for great performance in all categories. It is the perfect wheel for the rider who enjoys all types of riding and will never use their equipment as an excuse to be back of the pack. NOTE: These wheels are in perfect new condition but might have a small scratch or smudge. We Guarantee them to be in new condition.
  • Versatile for Different Riding Styles
  • Stiff and Reliable Performance
  • Predictable in Different Winds
  • Fast Rolling and Deceleration

Note: Average Weights Clincher 1708g - Tubular 1469g


INCLUDES: Carbon Wheel Set, 10/11 Speed Shimano Cassette body, Front & Back QR's, Safety Spokes.

* Campagnolo Cassette body available